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Performance of Exhaust Gas Turbochargers

  • Bernhardt LüddeckeEmail author
  • Dietmar Filsinger
  • Michael Bargende

In the course of combustion engine downsizing, boosting systems have become a key component within the powertrain of passenger cars. Hence, an appropriate turbocharger modelling is of fundamental importance for engine and vehicle simulations. Therefore, a joint research project between IHI Charging Systems International GmbH and the Chair in Automotive Powertrains at the University of Stuttgart was established. The resulting PhD thesis has been honored with the Hermann-Appel-Preis 2016 in the field of powertrain development, awarded by IAV.

1 Motivation

The emission limits around the globe continue to become more and more stringent. In combination with ambitious passenger car model life-cycles, this leads to ever shorter development periods. In such streamlined development processes simulation methods are indispensable, predicting the behaviour of the internal combustion engine as well as the entire powertrain. Turbochargers in engine simulations are often represented by characteristic...

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  • Bernhardt Lüddecke
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  • Dietmar Filsinger
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  • Michael Bargende
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