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Compact Dual Pin Bistable Direct Drive Actuator for Variable Valve Actuation

  • Antoine DelaporteEmail author

Increasingly strict national and international directives such as Euro 6 have led to the widespread use of engine management solutions to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions. Recent systems have high requirements in terms of compactness and response time. In a context particularly favourable for direct drive actuation, Moving Magnet Technologies (MMT) proposes innovative solutions, such as the dual pin actuator for sliding cam systems.

Increased efficiency through variable valve actuation

One of the main strategies to reduce CO2 emissions is by improving the efficiency of the engines, mainly through a better management of the flow of gases in the combustion chamber.

However, conventional engines have a fixed valve behaviour solely driven by the rotation of the camshaft. Therefore the intake/exhaust cycle is designed as a trade-off between efficiency and proper functionality within the operating range. To compensate for the lack of adaptability, additional systems...

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