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Methane Fuels: Potentials and Characteristic Numbers

Existing and upcoming legislation on CO 2 emissions as well as a growing worldwide demand for energy requires a diversification of the fuel market, especially in terms of automotive applications. Natural gas, biogases and synthetically produced methane-based fuels play an essential role in passenger and freight transport to achieve the regulatory emission targets. The advantages of these fuels compared to conventional fossil liquid fuels are well known: CO 2 savings in the order of 20 % compared to gasoline are absolutely realistic. Further GHG reductions can be achieved due to the positive impact of CH 4 on the efficiency of the engine due to its high anti-knock properties and the wide range of its flammability limits. When using pure biogenic methane gas or blends, the CO 2balance is almost neutral. Especially in combination with exhaust gas turbocharging, the engine internal potential of methane-based fuels can be fully exploited....

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