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Measurement of the Particle Number in the Developmental Test Facility

  • Michael Röbel
  • Stefan Kleintges
Cover Story Commercial Vehicle and Industrial Engines

The measurement of the particle number in exhaust gas already plays a major role in the automobile sector but attention is now being focused on it even more with the planned introduction of emission levels, which will also apply to mobile machines and are therefore of particular interest to the Deutz AG, as a manufacturer of their engines. In an effort to establish appropriate means for reliable measurements, different systems have been compared to each other as part of an extensive campaign.

Tests under real conditions

It is important for engineers involved in the development and calibration of engines to be able to evaluate the measurement systems which are used. In contrast to classical methods of measurement of physical quantities such as force, pressure or gas concentrations, significantly greater variations in terms of measurement accuracy and reproducibility are to be expected in particle measurement. There is a lack of simple calibration methods for the measurement of particle...


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  • Michael Röbel
    • 1
  • Stefan Kleintges
    • 1
  1. 1.R&D DepartmentDeutz AGCologneGermany

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