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New Turbocharger Concept For Gasoline Engines

  • Jeff Lotterman
  • Vaclav Kares
  • Denis Jeckel
  • Paolo di Martino
Development Supercharging

Honeywell has developed a new turbocharging concept for gasoline engines which uses an axial turbine. The new system increases the engine speed around 25 % faster than conventional radial turbines, when accelerating from low revs. By using an existing turbine design and only conventional materials, it has been possible to keep costs low.


The turbocharging concept Dual Boost from Honeywell represents a paradigm shift in the fi eld of supercharging for gasoline engines. Instead of the classic aerodynamic solution of a single sided centrifugal compressor and a radial inflow turbine that has been used by the industry for more than 35 years, it uses a double sided compressor wheel in combination with an axial turbine. It has equivalent effi ciencies to its conventional competitors but boasts less than 50 % of the rotating inertia. This means it reaches regular steady-state targets but delivers exceptional transient performance. It can be used either to increase engine output...



The following people also assisted in the production of this article:

: Karl-Heinz Bauer, Chief Technology Officer and responsible for engineering at Honeywell Transportation Systems in Rolle (Switzerland).

: Gavin Donkin, Vice President of Advanced Engineering and responsible for advanced engineering at Honeywell Turbo Technologies at Honeywell Turbo Technologies in Rolle (Switzerland).

Additional thanks are extended to Dr. Schorn, F. Brinkmann and colleagues at Ford in Aachen (Germany).


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  • Jeff Lotterman
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  • Vaclav Kares
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  • Denis Jeckel
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  • Paolo di Martino
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  1. 1.Honeywell Turbo TechnologiesTorranceUSA
  2. 2.Honeywell Turbo TechnologiesBrnoCzech Republic
  3. 3.Honeywell Turbo TechnologiesThaon-les-VosgesFrance

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