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Sustainable Fuel a Fantasy?

  • Wolfgang Maus
  • Eberhard Jacob
  • Rolf Brück
  • Peter Hirth
Cover Story Fuels

Emitec has been committed to environmentally friendly mobility, including electrification, since 1986. The financial and technical implementation of the next stages toward this aim will entail optimum use of the company's resources. The following three key issues have to be subjected to scientific scrutiny to gain better insight into sustainable mobility and potential technologies: Is environmentally friendly or environmentally neutral mobility achievable? Will there be a sustainable and cheap supply of suitable fuels? And do we have to avoid carbon-based energy sources?

Sustainability — Introduction and Objective

Sustainable management dates back to the 16th century and the aims of responsible forest management: The rate of deforestation should not exceed the rate of reforestation. This is biological sustainability. Today, there is a wider demand for “sustainability” that encompasses practically every part of life. Strictly speaking, the term sustainability still only makes sense...


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  • Wolfgang Maus
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  • Eberhard Jacob
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  • Rolf Brück
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  • Peter Hirth
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