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Predictive Safety - Perception-based Activation of Pre-crash Systems

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The authors want to thank the ZF and BMW development teams (in alphabetical order): Lena Amann, Kiran Balasubramanian, Hans-Peter Bausch, Steffen Bieser, Joachim Cichy, Torben Fischer, Christian Gärtner, Kilian Hachmann, Stefan Heiß, Florian Küber, Jürgen Metzger, Arun Muthu, Parthasarathy Nadarajan, Dr. Nenad Ocelic´, Ralf Schütte, Kamal Semaan (all ZF), as well as Rainer Huber and Cristina Menéndez (both BMW).

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Grotz, B., Straßburger, P., Huf, A. et al. Predictive Safety - Perception-based Activation of Pre-crash Systems. ATZ Worldw 123, 18–25 (2021).

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