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Covering All Charging Situations in Everyday Life

  • Martin BrüllEmail author
  • Friedrich Graf

Unlike filling up a vehicle with fuels, drivers of electric passenger cars encounter a range of charging situations. The system supplier Continental has developed the charging solution AllCharge for all users and their requirements. Electric mobility will become only widely prevalent when it is viable in everyday life - and that makes charging just as important as driving.

Many Roads Leading to the Future

Electricity used as drive energy is one of three individual mobility megatrends. However, unlike conventional fuels, electricity is not simply electricity. Even within Europe, power grids have different levels of capacity and so one is not automatically capable of supporting all charging options. While Germany's three-phase Alternating Current (AC) provides a good basis for rapid AC charging, other countries do not have this same infrastructure. Outside Europe, things become even more complex, since voltage levels may also differ significantly here (230/120 V) as well as grid...

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