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Modular Approach for the Electrification of City Bus Fleets

  • David SegbersEmail author
  • Björn X.  Larsson
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Electrically driven city buses are becoming increasingly important due to current high particulate pollution levels and in view of future CO2 specifications for commercial vehicles. The global industrial company ABB has developed a modular drivetrain that can accommodate various charging concepts.


City bus line electrification planners have demonstrated that factors such as fleet size, schedule and available grid power supply ratings demand different charging concepts. ABB can provide both the required charging infrastructure and the traction equipment necessary to accommodate the various parameters and individual requirements of cities and transit system operators, thereby offering customers a tailor-made concept to suit their particular needs. The company's modular commercial vehicle design concept consists in principle of a traction drive and auxiliary converter, and it is compatible with any charging method.

In order to electrify not only the traction drive but also all...

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