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Robust Magnetosensitive Position Sensor for Demanding Applications

  • Michaël Delbaere
Development Sensor Technology

Moving Magnet Technologies (MMT) has developed a two-part position sensor technology compatible with Hall-effect or magnetoresistive probes. Without any electronic linearisation it meets the accuracy requirements of on- and off-road vehicle applications, characterised in high mechanical tolerances of probe-to-magnet location and exposed to external magnetic stray fields.

State of the Art

Thanks to its versatility in terms of measurable strokes, low costs and ease of integration, magnetosensitive detection, in particular using the Hall effect, is the preferred design choice for position sensors in the automotive industry. There are two different basic approaches for position sensors using Hall-effect probes to detect the magnetic field: One is based on field amplitude measurement using a linear programmable Hall probe, the other one measures a field direction by using a direct angle Hall probe [1]. Provided that the magnetic circuit is well designed, this kind of sensors can reach the...


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Michaël Delbaere
    • 1
  1. 1.Moving Magnet Technologies (MMT) S.A.BesançonFrance

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