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Design of Electric Vehicles with Reduced Background Noise

  • Mario Cannata
  • Holger Jahrow
Development Ergonomics and Comfort

According to statements of politicians, research and industry, e-mobility has got the green light. However, the technical maturity is not yet on an acceptable level in all respects. Apart from the cruising range, which is widely discussed, the focus is on squeak and rattle (S&R). This has, by now, not sufficiently been studied in the context of e-mobility and the lapse of classical powertrain noise. Development service providers such as Bertrandt combine virtual simulation methods with physical test methods to analyse and eliminate annoying noises at an early stage.

Roll Motion, Actuation and Wind Sound and their Individual Perception

The end consumer sets high quality standards for the product. These standards, however, differ from individual to individual. No matter if sub compact or premium car — the customer will judge comfort and quality according to his own definitions.

Driving noise has to match the car according to the customer’s individual perception. There is a basic...


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  • Holger Jahrow
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