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Professional Sealing Results with Adhesive Tape

“White Max” is the name of an older apartment block in Düsseldorf which consists of 305 flats and three commercial premises. During the modernisation of the building, a reliable method was needed for sealing the large new windows. The decision was made to use adhesive tape to make the joints permanently airtight, but the variety of substrates, which included concrete, brick and filler, had to be taken into consideration. Duo Easy tape from Hanno was chosen for the purpose, which is moisture-adaptive and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In addition to its structural properties, it offers excellent adhesion on all substrates and allows for fast working speeds. Because of the different types of connection, the width of the tape varied from 75 mm to 250 mm. A total of 5000 m of adhesive tape was used in Düsseldorf’s tallest residential building. Duo Easy was also chosen to seal the window joints in a high-rise building in Hamburg. The...

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