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Continuous Application of Adhesive

SCA has developed a new tandem dosing unit that allows adhesives, sealings and insulation materials to be applied continuously. The dosing unit is suitable above all for automated endless applications in the paintshop that require a continuous material flow.Avoiding downtime and reducing costs: these are the two main arguments that the company SCA puts forward for using its new electrically powered tandem dosing unit. With this unit, high amounts of adhesives, sealings and insulation materials can be applied to vehicle bodies via robot constantly and virtually “endlessly” in the paintshop.The unit consists of two single piston dosing units which are interconnected with each other. While one dosing unit, usually with PVC-based material, is filled, the other dosing unit conveys the material to the application nozzle on the robot hand. An intelligent changeover logic ensures that the material is applied in a constant flow without interruption during...

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