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Carefully managed water system for complex paint pre-treatments

Pretreatment Vacuum distillation

A manufacturer of alloy wheels and aluminium rims has invested in two vacuum distillation units which effectively recycle the wastewater from its pre-treatment process and create a sustainable water circulation system.

A complex paint pre-treatment process produces waste rinsing water contaminated with heavy metals. Because of the variations in the composition of industrial wastewater, recycling systems have to meet high standards. Brock Alloy Wheels GmbH, a manufacturer of alloy wheels and aluminium rims, is making every effort to reduce its impact on the environment.

Its subsidiary Jajce Alloy Wheels has a new production site in Bosnia Herzegovina where it meets the high standards required by the automotive industry with a chrome-free pre-treatment system that produces no wastewater. A carefully designed recycling system, special treatment processes and a vacuum distillation unit (Vacudest) from H2O allow the wastewater to be returned to the production process.

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