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Removing machining oil effectively

  • Doris Schulz
  • Joachim Ritter
Parts cleaning Dry cleaning processes

At a car manufacturing company, aluminium crankcases are pre-heated in an oven in preparation for the following process. A customised dry cleaning system using vacuum suction ensures that the parts are clean before being pre-heated.

On the crankcase production line at a car plant, oils are used for machining purposes. In the next phase of the manufacturing process, the parts have to be heated. Any oil residues that remain on the parts would burn during the heating phase and this would have a negative impact on the results and cause toxic vapours to form. In order to prevent this from happening, the parts undergo an aqueous cleaning process before being heated. Because of the large quantities of oil in the cavities and deep holes in the crankcases, the cleaning process often fails to produce the required results, despite the cleaning fluid being changed every day.

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