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Blasting aluminium — Business as usual?

  • Ulf Kapitza
Shot Blasting Die-cast parts

Aluminium parts are increasingly being subjected to blasting processes, often using abrasives made from aluminium. This offers a number of advantages, but also has an impact on the design of the blasting machines.

In order to be able to come up with good solutions, you need an in-depth understanding of the material. This is a familiar concept in the world of surface technology and applies in particular to aluminium. Parts made from aluminium are becoming increasingly widely used and one common manufacturing process is die-casting.

Aluminium can also function as an abrasive in blasting machines. One reason for choosing it as a blasting medium concerns the subsequent processing of the parts. If hard shot, for example made from stainless steel, remains in inaccessible areas of the component, it can cause damage to the machine tools in the downstream machining processes. For this reason, aluminium abrasives are often used for blasting non-ferrous components. Another advantage is the more...

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