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Simply apply two coats

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Powder Coating Powder-on-powder

Powder coatings that protect steel from corrosion are generally applied in two layers. One way of improving the efficiency of this process is known as powder-on-powder application, which involves omitting the interim curing phase. A manufacturer of metal components has successfully put this process into practice using standard powder coatings.

Two-layer powder coatings have been used to protect steel substrates from corrosion for many years. These generally take the form of an epoxy primer and a weather-resistant polyester top coat.

The excellent adhesion and good barrier effect of the epoxy systems and the protection against weathering provided by the polyester powders make an ideal combination. The result is a coating with very good durability that is guaranteed to offer long-term corrosion protection.

The two layers have traditionally been applied in two separate processes. After the steel has been pre-treated by blasting, phosphating or galvanising it, the primer coat is applied in...

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