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Offshore repairs in record time

  • Sika Deutschland GmbH
Corrosion Protection Repair system

A solvent-free two-component coating has been developed during the course of a research project, which can be used to repair corrosion protection coatings on offshore wind turbines. The new coating also cures under water in record time and has high levels of impact and abrasion resistance.

The construction of offshore wind farms offers major opportunities, but also involves significant corrosion protection problems for the operators and suppliers because of the exposed location of the turbines, the climatic conditions and the resulting mechanical stresses. One of the main methods of protecting the turbines is to apply corrosion protection coatings, which must have a service life of more than 25 years to ensure that the offshore wind farms are economically viable. This is a longer period than that specified in current technical directives concerning coating systems on steel structures.

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