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Excellent light conditions for surface inspection

  • Eisenmann SE
Automotive Finishing Quality assurance

A new LED light tunnel makes the final inspections of painted vehicle bodies much simpler and more efficient. Adjustable light units allow the light emitted to be adapted to the colour of the body. The results are a higher surface quality and lower maintenance, energy and reworking costs.

Painted vehicle bodies have to meet very high standards. Even the smallest blemishes on the painted surface are unacceptable. For this reason, the quality control function in the paint shop plays a very important role. Despite the increase in the number of automated systems and the option of fully automatic surface inspections, nothing can yet match the human eye in the case of this type of quality assurance task. This makes it essential that the workplaces are ergonomically designed and equipped to the highest standard.

The new Vario Inspect LED light tunnel from Eisenmann, which has lighting elements in a vertical arrangement, simplifies and improves the final inspections of painted vehicle bodies....

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