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New range of pressure-feed spray guns

Anest Iwata has launched a completely new generation of pressure-feed spray guns. The products in the WS-200 family have a removable baffle ring made from anodised aluminium that optimises the air flow. The redesigned air valve has been fitted with a solvent-resistant seal. The air valve seat is assembled with a fixed stop, which prevents the risk of over-tightening. A notch on the end of the needle enables the needle to be fitted easily and quickly. The new sliding ring on the needle spring ensures that the quantity of material being used can be adjusted smoothly. In addition, the new guns allow for precise and linear pattern adjustment. The stainless steel trigger has an additional POM protection plate, is easy to adjust and can now be fixed in position using an Allen screw. According to the manufacturer, the ergonomic grip of the new spray guns helps to distribute the weight evenly through the user’s wrist. All the components that come into...

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