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  • Gerhard Koblenzer
Parts cleaning Ultra-fine cleaning in enclosed machines

Enclosed machines are the ideal solution for the ultra-fine cleaning of parts with complex shapes because all types of liquid chemical cleaning and drying processes can be used. In addition, new technologies such as cyclic nucleation and hybrid procedures are available.

The demand for ultra-fine cleaning solutions for increasingly complex tasks is growing in all areas of industry. These include medical technology products and components such as valves, cooling elements and cooling pipes in the semi-conductor sector, for example. New production processes, including additive manufacturing, together with special coating and bonding procedures and the increasing demand for high-quality sensors in the automotive industry are extending the range of applications where there is a need to remove ultra-fine particles and films. It is here that traditional ultrasound systems begin to reach the limits of their capabilities. Single or multiple chamber machines with hermetically sealed cleaning...

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