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Pre-programmed for cost-effectiveness

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Liquid Coating Rotary atomisers

Investing in a new rotary atomiser and a new proportioner allowed Carbo Kohlensäurewerke to improve the cost-effectiveness of its paint shop over the longer term. In addition, the quality of the coatings now significantly exceeds the company’s original requirements.

Gas bottles have a service life of ten years or more and during that time are subjected to a range of different stresses. These containers for technical gases are exposed to the weather and to significant mechanical stresses for short periods during transport and storage. Carbo Kohlensäurewerke, a German manufacturer and supplier of technical gases, understands what type of coating needs to be applied to the cylinders to ensure that they can withstand these conditions for more than a decade.

Every year the company inspects and coats around 30,000 bottles at its plant in Bad Hönningen. The smallest cylinders are 50 mm in diameter and 200 mm high and the largest are 230 mm in diameter and 1800 mm high. After arriving at the...

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