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Heavy-Metal-Free Pre-Treatment in a Real-Life Test

Experiences of a job coater
  • Ludwig ReisingerEmail author
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

For the past three years, one particular job coater has been using a chrome-free, multi-metal technology for the pretreatment of their metal components. Over this time they have treated more than five million components of varying shapes and sizes.

The job coater in question is Reisinger GmbH Pulverbeschichtung, based in Nittenau, Southern Germany. They run two lines where they treat parts up to a size of 7 x 2 x 1.60 meters weighing up to 450 kg. The parts treated are mainly components for cars and heavy equipment, but they also do parts for control cabinets for the electrical industry, casings for high-performance filter installations, fixings for solar installations as well as aluminium window frames and sun-shade fixtures. The company has been using Chemetall’s chrome-free, multi-metal Oxsilan technology since October 2012 and thus they count among the first two hundred enterprises worldwide to choose this heavy-metal-free process. Over the last three years, Reisinger...


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