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Power+Free — On Budget and On Time

Automotive Industry Supplier Upgrades Gearbox Painting Line
  • Frank Berg
Materials Handling

During the process of upgrading its gearbox painting line, the automotive industry supplier ZF Bouthéon chose to invest in a new power+free conveyor. The new system had to meet a number of different requirements, including the tight budget for the project.

The decision by the automotive industry supplier ZF to fully upgrade the gearbox painting line at its plant in Andrézieux-Bouthéon, France, represented a major challenge for the company. The planning teams in Germany and France had to draw up an upgrade plan in collaboration with the production department and find suitable partners who were able to upgrade the system while production of gearboxes continued.

The decisive factors for the award of the contract were the ability of the suppliers to meet deadlines reliably and the quality of the products they supplied. Energy Partner Systems (EPS) from the Netherlands was given the role of general contractor and Caldan Conveyor was chosen to supply the power+free conveyor on the basis of...

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