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A Focus on Tension

Corrosion Protection for Technical Springs
  • André Fackiner
Corrosion Protection

Technical springs require highly effective corrosion protection. A high-performance zinc flake coating meets these requirements almost off-the-shelf. The main benefits of the system, in addition to its long-term resistance to corrosion, include a smooth finish even on parts with complex shapes, low curing temperatures and the avoidance of stress corrosion cracking caused by hydrogen.

Protecting the surface of technical springs is very important, because these components are notch-sensitive and even the smallest amount of corrosion can lead to fractures. The coating must be specifically adapted to the spring in question. In addition to the type of steel, other factors such as the pre-treatment process, the thermal stresses, the coating thickness and the shape of the spring must all be taken into consideration.

When choosing a corrosion protection system for high-strength steels in particular, it is important that no hydrogen is involved in the coating process, because this would have a...

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