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Four Guns to Cover All Eventualities

Flexible Painting Lines for Coating Rubber Profiles
  • Ralf Högel
Liquid Coating

Robots with four wrist-mounted paint guns are rarely used in practice. However, it was only this complex technical concept combined with innovative system technology that made possible a highly flexible solution for coating a variety of rubber profiles for the automotive industry.

The American Cooper Standard group of companies, which has a workforce of around 20,000 people at more than 70 locations worldwide, is one of the leading suppliers to the automotive industry. The company is on track for steady growth and aims to consolidate its leadership position still further by focusing on the most advanced technology. At its Lindau plant in southern Germany, Cooper Standard has a development and manufacturing centre for complex rubber profiles, such as those used in the convertible models of premium automotive manufacturers.

Marcus Birker, project manager for finishing technology at Cooper Standard, explains why the profiles known in the industry as NVH systems (noise, vibration and...

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