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Is Chrome Needed by the Surface Technology Industry?

New Corrosion Protection System for Aluminium Surfaces
  • Tobias Distler
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

Despite the fact that there are now many corrosion protection systems on the market that contain no chrome, many coating companies still have reservations about pre-treatment products that are chrome-free. A newly developed range of products based on non-toxic trivalent chrome offers a high level of corrosion protection and avoids some of the disadvantages of alternative systems.

When the End-of-Life Vehicles regulation came into force, the move away from pre-treatment systems containing hexavalent chrome started to gather speed. Suppliers to the automotive industry changed over their machines and processes to new chrome-free conversion processes. Many companies that coat aluminium parts, for example for windows and facades, have followed their example.

Uncertainty about chrome-free corrosion protection

The consequence of this development is that chrome-free systems have become widely used for coating aluminium in recent years. The different products available are based on zirconium,...

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