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Reproducible electrostatic painting in lab-scale

Enhanced laboratory paint shop
  • Felix Brinckmann
  • Rainer Prauser
Liquid Coating

Lab-scaled paint shops are established in coating manufacturing and OEM business to perform reproducible painting tests close to production line conditions. A new LabPainter series was designed to offer more control functions and an improved operation concept.

Reproducible painting means to supply painting systems with a minimum control deviation. Only with minute deviations of the paining parameter control it is possible to test the quality of the paint material as well as the application process window. The application process must be as similar as possible to the production line conditions, especially regarding atomization of the paint. Both, a minimum parameter deviation and high similarity to production line conditions are necessary to detect problems regarding the paint material early in the production process.

LacTec has designed 15 years ago the first concept of a compact laboratory painting system to provide a testing design for these requirements. Different atomizers can be...

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