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Accurate Positioning for Robot Painting

Intelligent Floor Conveyor
  • Michael Seeger
Materials Handling

Flexible transport through tight curves and highly accurate positioning of parts are essential for robot painting systems, in particular in the case of narrow, lightweight plastic components. An intelligent floor conveyor constructed on one level and fitted with two rails can easily meet these requirements.

In multi-stage painting processes, conveyor systems have to fulfil special requirements. Factors such as the accessibility of the goods being transported, cleanliness, precision and flexibility play a key role in achieving a good quality finish and a high level of efficiency. In the automotive industry, parts of a similar size were transported in the past using skid conveyors. However, these systems required several drives and a complex control system and, in addition, were unable to negotiate curves.

Flexible power+free floor conveyors bring many benefits for users. They are ideal for transporting lightweight plastic parts with special shapes and allow the painting robots to move...

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