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News in Brief

New and innovative special effect powders

Patina is the name of a new collection of powder coatings from Adapta Color. It is based on the new decorative trend of imitating the natural oxidation of metals. The different effects range from “rusty” steel to oxidised copper and wrinkled finishes. However, these effects are very homogeneous, which can make them appear slightly artificial. At the instigation of architects and industrial designers, Adapta Color has now developed the new Tile Patina, Oxide Patina I and II und Oxide Patina Soft-Patina special effect powders. These new powders imitate the oxidation of metal and the texture of terracotta in two dimensions, with irregular, realistic-looking surfaces, and bring to mind remote, exotic locations. The names of the products reflect colours found all over the world: the lonely wilderness of Patagonia, the ice fields at the North Pole, the Amazon rainforests, the Sahara, the African savannah, a sea breeze, majestic waterfalls, endless sand dunes and dramatic cliffs. Adapta Color is also presenting its new NeonCollection range, which is aimed at industrial designers and includes 38 effects, with a focus on fluorescent surfaces. The range is divided into four groups: Glossy Neon, Neon Finishes, Luminescent Neon and Gemstones. All the powder coatings in the two ranges are manufactured using the Adapta Bonding System technology, which ensures that they produce the best possible results.

Professional spray guns for base and clear coats

Anest Iwata has developed the Supernova range of professional spray guns for applying base and clear coats in the field of automotive finishing. The new guns have advanced atomising technology and a slit nozzle. This ensures a very fine atomisation of the paint, even at a low air input pressure. Less air is needed and this results in much lower levels of overspray. The flat, even spray core helps to reduce paint usage and produces a pleasantly soft spray pattern. The WS-400 evo clear is designed for applying clear coats (nozzle set-ups 1.3HD to 1.5HD). The WS-400 evo base (nozzle set-ups 1.3OBS and 1.3HD-1.4HD) and the new LS-400 entech (nozzle set-ups 1.2ET-1.3ET to 1.3ETS-1.5ETS) are ideally suited for base coats. In the case of the LS-400 entech, the advanced atomiser technology and HVLP technology are combined, which results in much finer atomisation and paint droplets with a consistent moisture level.

Mobile emptying system for shipping container drums

FLUX has developed a new drum emptying system known as Viscoflux mobile which enables even special shipping container drums to be emptied almost completely. The pumps have a characteristic conical shape and are slightly taller than normal, which means that 80 drums can be fitted into a 20-foot shipping container instead of the usual 78 ISO drums. The challenge for FLUX was to design an emptying system that would function with the tapering neck and smaller opening diameter of the shipping container drums. For this reason, the new system has a smaller follower plate and a reinforced process seal which allows it to empty shipping container drums as gently and effectively as ISO drums. The contents are removed from the walls of the drum leaving almost no residues, so that less than 1 percent remains.

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