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Powder Coating for Ceiling Panels

Reducing Material Consumption and Improving Quality
  • M.C.I. Metalldecken Produktions-GmbH
  • Karl Bubenhofer AG
Powder Coating

Metal ceilings have progressed from being simple coverings for rooms to high-tech system solutions. At the same time, they have also become architectural design elements consisting of individual combinations of form and colour. The use of ultra-thin powder coatings offers significant benefits for ceiling panels of this kind.

M.C.I. Metalldecken GmbH, a company based in the Austrian town of Neutal, manufactures high-quality, multi-functional metal ceilings, primarily for the German-speaking and Benelux countries. “We produce very few standard ceilings. Instead, we leave that to the mass manufacturers. Our solutions are designed and manufactured for individual customers and come equipped with all the necessary technical systems. Because we are part of the B+M Industries group, we are the only company in a position to offer tested systems for dry construction,” says Hans Werner Wild, plant manager at M.C.I. in Neutal.

The M.C.I. experts become involved during the early stages of planning...

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  • M.C.I. Metalldecken Produktions-GmbH
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  • Karl Bubenhofer AG
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  1. 1.NeutalAustria
  2. 2.GossauSwitzerland

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