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Effect of confining stress and loading frequency on dynamic behavior of municipal solid waste in Kahrizak landfill


In order to analyze the stability of a landfill site, it should analyze some properties of waste introducing the main structural elements. Up to now, it has not been done much research on the properties of municipal solid waste. In addition, due to the differences in waste properties from one country to another and even from one to another landfill site, it is impossible to generalize the results. These conditions caused local research on the evaluation of static and dynamic parameters of municipal solid waste to be done. Because Iran is a seismic country, the short-term behavior of waste controls landfill sites stability during seismic loads; so it is necessary to know the dynamic behavior of these materials. In this paper, about 18 cyclic tests were performed, and in addition to determining the dynamic parameters of municipal solid waste of Tehran Kahrizak Disposal Site using cyclic triaxial test, the effect of confining stress and loading frequency on dynamic properties of these materials was evaluated. The results have shown that with increasing the confining stress and loading frequency, shear modulus and damping ratio was increased and decreased, respectively, and it is related to the composition of the municipal solid waste materials.

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  1. Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves.

  2. Continuous surface wave system.


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