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Predicting ambient concentrations of NO2 in a gas refinery located in South Pars Gas Complex


In this study, AERMOD dispersion model has been applied for predicting the values of ambient concentrations of NO2 emissions due to the stacks of fourth gas refinery located in South Pars Gas Complex in Asaluyeh, Iran. First, the values of NO2 emissions from the stacks and the amounts of ambient concentrations of NO2 in nine monitoring stations have been measured in four seasons in 2013. Then, dispersion of NO2 emissions has been predicted by using AERMOD model in the region with the domain area of 10 × 10 km2, in average times of 1 h. Finally, the simulated and observed values of ambient NO2 concentrations in the nine receptors have been compared. Comparison of 1-h concentrations of the observed and predicted results with the international ambient standard levels shows that NO2 concentrations are higher than the standard value. The results show that AERMOD model can be used effectively for predicting the amounts of pollutants’ concentrations in the study area.

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This project was made possible through the financial and continued supports of South Pars Gas Complex (SPGC). Authors would like to appreciate the experts who participated in this research.

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