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Long-term tumor control of benign intracranial tumors after Gamma Knife radiosurgery in 280 patients followed more than 5 years


The objective of the study was to assess the long-term radiological outcome of benign intracranial tumors (BIT) after Gamma Knife radiosurgery. We report the radiological outcome of 280 patients who underwent radiosurgical irradiation for BIT in a single center. Our series included 120 meningiomas, 139 vestibular schwannomas, 12 other schwannomas and 9 pituitary adenomas. Serial imaging studies were performed after irradiation for at least 5 years for all patients. The median tumor volume was 1.9 cc, and the median margin dose was 12 Gy. After a median follow-up of 6.8 years, the tumor control rate was 92.1 %: tumor decreased in 176 cases (62.9 %), remained unchanged in 82 lesions (29.3 %) and increased in 22 cases (7.9 %). The actuarial tumor control rate was 93.2 % at 5 years, 92.3 % at 7.5 years and 91.0 % at 10 years. No atypical or malignant transformation of irradiated tumors occured during the follow-up period. Gamma Knife radiosurgery provides a high rate of tumor control for BIT even in the medium to long-term.

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The authors are grateful to the medical and paramedical staff that have taken part in the treatments of patients included in this study: Massimo Gerosa, Gyorgy Szeifert, Jose Salvador Ruiz, Jose Lorenzoni, Ouzi Nissim, Adyl Melhaoui, Danièle Balériaux, Philippe David, Stéphane Simon, Bruno Vanderlinden, Thierry Gevaerts, Antoine Wagner, Paul Van Houtte, Marc Levivier, Elisabeth Rios, Patricia Palacio, Arlette Dewil, Dominique Dumont, Cathy Watty, Eliane Waegener, Abida Boulaioun, Isabelle Ros and Véronique ‘Tfelt.

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