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A cortical cystic epileptogenic lesion: tanycytic ependymoma

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Electronic supplementary material

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Supplementary material 1 (TIFF 649 kb)

Electronic supplemental material, Fig. 1: Functional brain MRI confirming a left hemisphere dominance of Broca’s area (BA 44-45) (a axial, b sagittal, c coronal view) and Wernicke’s area (BA 22) (d axial, e sagittal, f coronal view), and relative distance of the lesion from the right arcuate fasciculus (g coronal, h sagittal, i axial view).

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Rigante, L., Novello, M., Massimi, L. et al. A cortical cystic epileptogenic lesion: tanycytic ependymoma. Acta Neurol Belg 113, 523–525 (2013).

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  • Cerebral Blood Volume
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  • Myxopapillary Ependymoma