Students university healthy lifestyle practice: quantitative analysis

  • Israa Assaf
  • Fatima Brieteh
  • Mona Tfaily
  • Mariam El-Baida
  • Seifedine KadryEmail author
  • Balamurugan Balusamy
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The development of human being passes through several transition phases throughout the life span. The most critical phase that may influence the individuals’ lifestyle is the college admission. During this phase, the students are independent and they are responsible for their own lives especially if they are far away from parental home. A healthy lifestyle is identified by regular exercises, healthy diet, and organized sleeping pattern. However, the transfer into a new environment may alternate the usual habits and cause major fluctuations in lifestyle. The students may be vulnerable to several stressful factors including inability to organize time, stress of exams and deadlines, irregular sleeping pattern, new peer’s relationships, and inability to accommodate with the new surroundings. These factors may result in decreased level of physical activity and increased consumption of fast food that may lead to changes in body weight. The exposure to these changes in lifestyle may influence the well-being of individual and overall health. The aim of this study is to focus on the lifestyle of university students including the level of physical activity and type of diet followed and how it affects their weight. The result of our study, showed most of the students do not follow a certain diet, do not consider their food choices healthy and would like to take more care about their health. This is mostly due to the fact that they don’t exercise as much as they like to.


Healthy lifestyle Health A balanced diet Physical activity General hygiene of the body Hardening Avoiding harmful habits 



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