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Table 1 Illustrative examples of applications of the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Building Taxonomy V2.0

From: A Building Classification System for Multi-hazard Risk Assessment

Example Illustration of the building Description and taxonomy string
1 Reinforced concrete structure (cast-in-place) with infilled frames in one direction (LFINF), and other LLRS (LO) in the perpendicular direction. The building has a rectangular shape and it is detached from other structures. The structure is used for (heavy) industrial purposes
2 A single-story post-and-beam bamboo house (LPB). Exterior walls are composed of vegetative materials. The plinth level of the building is at approximately 0.8 m height above the grade level
3 A 14-story residential reinforced concrete apartment building with ductile walls. It has reinforced concrete floors and a flat concrete roof