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Table 3 Post-disaster impacted household funding, 2010–2011 Queensland floods and Cyclone Yasi

From: An Unmitigated Disaster: Shifting from Response and Recovery to Mitigation for an Insurable Future

Payments Funding source Insurance considered Payment type Payment
Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment AU$850 milliona – Federal Government No   AU$1000 per adult;
AU$400per childa
Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal ($205 million with interestb) AU$22 millionb – equal state and federal contributions;
AU$250.4 milliona,b – donations
No Emergency Assistance (non-means tested) AU$2000 per adult;
AU$1000 per childb
Yes, (+NDRRA) Structural Damage Assistance – Destroyed Homes (means-tested) Up to AU$280,000 per householdb
Yes (+NDRRA) Structural Damage Assistance – Damaged homes (means-tested) Up to AU$100,000 per householdb
Joint State and Commonwealth funding (NDRRA)   No Emergent Assistance AU$170 per person, max. AU$850 per householdb
Yesb Household contents (means-tested) AU$1705 for individuals or AU$5120 for couples/familiesb
Yes (+ Other NDRRA)b Structural Assistance (means-tested) AU$10,500 for individuals or AU$14,200 for couples/familiesb
  Essential Services Safety and Reconnection Grant (means-tested) AU$4,200 for repairs and AU$200 for each essential service per householdb
  1. Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA)
  2. a Coppel and Chester (2014); b Queensland Government (2011)