Occurrence in Brazil of Haplaxius crudus (Hemiptera: Cixiidae), Vector of Coconut Lethal Yellowing


The lethal yellowing (LY) is a major phytoplasma causing disease seriously threatening coconut plantations worldwide, with imminent risk of entering Brazil. The LY phytoplasma is restricted to the phloem and transmitted by the planthopper Haplaxius crudus (Van Duzee) (Cixiidae). In this study, Auchenorrhyncha were collected on the leaves of Dwarf vs. Dwarf hybrids and Brazilian Green Dwarf Jiqui in the Brazilian northern state of Para using yellow adhesive traps in May of 2016. The planthopper H. crudus was found in coconut plantations of Brazilian Green Dwarf Jiqui, accounting for 87% of the individuals captured. This is the first report of vector H. crudus in Brazilian coconut plantations. These findings are of great scientific relevance since H. crudus could negatively impact the Brazilian coconut industry and this knowledge could be used in contingency measures in the case of LY be introduced in the country.

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The authors are grateful to CNPq (Project number 401488/2014-4) and CAPES for the financial support, the Emílio Goeldi Museum, Joana Maria Santos Ferreira, and Márcia Motta Maués for the logistical support and Charles R. Bartlett for insect identification. We also thank Paulo Manoel Pontes Lins, from Sococo, for allowing the conduction of this research and Celso Anderson Batista Pereira for the photo of H. crudus.

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  • Cocos nucifera
  • Fulgoroidea
  • Cixiidae
  • insect vector
  • phytoplasma