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A facile one-step hydrothermal preparation of Mn(VO3)2 under different pH conditions and their photocatalytic performance

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Adopting MnSO4·H2O and K6V10O28·9H2O as the manganese and vanadium source, respectively, the Mn(VO3)2 product was obtained by the facile one-step hydrothermal method under different pH conditions without adding any additives. The effects of pH on microstructure and photoactivity were investigated. The photocatalytic results demonstrate that Mn(VO3)2 prepared at pH = 5.0 showed optimal photoactivity in the photodegradation of RhB under UV light irradiation, and 95% of RhB was degraded by irradiation within 80 min, offering a new insight with the functional materials in the application of the photochemistry field.

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The authors acknowledge with thanks the financial support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (21601149) and Hunan 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemical Engineering and Technology with Environmental Benignity and Effective Resource Utilization. Feng Li thanks the support of China Scholarship Council.

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Huang, J., Liang, R., Huang, Y. et al. A facile one-step hydrothermal preparation of Mn(VO3)2 under different pH conditions and their photocatalytic performance. J IRAN CHEM SOC 18, 567–571 (2021).

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