Cu nanoparticles: a highly efficient non-noble metal catalyst for rapid reduction of nitro compounds to amines with NaBH4 in water


The purely aqueous-phase reduction of a wide range of nitro compounds to the corresponding amines has been carried out with NaBH4 in the presence of inexpensive Cu nanoparticles as catalyst. The reactions were taken place in water (80 °C) within 4–15 min to give amines in high to excellent yields.

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The financial support of this work was gratefully acknowledged by the Research Council of Urmia University.

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Correspondence to Zahra Shokri.

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Zeynizadeh, B., Zabihzadeh, M. & Shokri, Z. Cu nanoparticles: a highly efficient non-noble metal catalyst for rapid reduction of nitro compounds to amines with NaBH4 in water. J IRAN CHEM SOC 13, 1487–1492 (2016).

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  • Amines
  • Cu NPs
  • NaBH4
  • Nitro compounds
  • Reduction