International ranking of the ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR)

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In 2010, there were two well-respected multimedia retrieval conferences supported by ACM: CIVR and MIR. At that time, a committee consisting of both the CIVR and MIR steering committees was formed to decide on the future. From those discussions, a merged conference was formed: the ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval ( which would be governed by the ICMR steering committee. Our goal for ICMR was not to create the largest conference, but the highest-quality multimedia retrieval meeting worldwide.

The Chinese Computing Federation (CCF) Ranking List provides a ranking of all international peer-reviewed conferences and journals in the broad area of computer science. This list is typically consulted by academic institutions in China as a quality metric for PhD promotions and tenure track jobs. Because ICMR was a young conference, it was not on the list in 2012.

So, in late 2012, a proposal was assembled by Prabha Balakrishnan, Ramesh Jain, Klara Nahrstedt and myself towards eventual placement of ICMR on the CCF Ranking. The CCF committee examined both the quality of the content and the quality of the meeting and they gave us a ranking:

The ranking released in 2013 for “Multimedia and Graphics” is first split into sections A, B, and C, and the conferences are ranked numerically within each section.

Section A (only has 3 conferences in this section)
  1. 1.

    ACM Multimedia

  2. 2.


  3. 3.

    IEEE Visualization

Section B
  1. 1.


  2. 2.

    ACM i3D

  3. 3.


  4. 4.



I am happy to say that ACM ICMR is the fourth highest ranked conference worldwide in the wide area of multimedia and graphics and it is the top ranked meeting in multimedia retrieval. Furthermore, other conference ranking organizations such as also give ICMR a high-quality ranking.

As the ICMR steering committee chair, it is my honor to thank the following steering committee members for their significant contributions and efforts: Balakrishnan Prabhakaran, Alberto del Bimbo, Nozha Boujemaa, Tat-Seng Chua, Ling Guan, Thomas S. Huang, Horace Ip, Ramesh Jain, Yiannis Kompatsiaris, Jiebo Luo, Stephane Marchand-Maillet, Francesco G.B. De Natale, Yong Rui, Nicu Sebe, Alan Smeaton, Qi Tian, James Wang, Marcel Worring, Hong-Jiang Zhang, and the excellent support from the ACM SIGMM: Klara Nahrstedt, Rainer Lienhart and Mohan Kankanhalli with an additional mention of Shih-Fu Chang, and most importantly, the multimedia research community.

I look forward to seeing you at ACM ICMR for years to come.

Michael S. Lew

Chair, ACM ICMR Steering Committee, 2009–2014


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