Physical and thermomechanical characterization of the novel aluminum silicon carbide-reinforced polymer nanocomposites

  • H. Mohit
  • V. Arul Mozhi SelvanEmail author
Original Research


In the present work, the aluminum silicon carbide nanoparticle (Al–SiC NP)-reinforced polymer composites were fabricated via ultrasonic assisted wet layup method to improve the physical, mechanical, and thermal properties of the epoxy polymer. The experimental design was selected based on the response surface methodology (central composites design) to optimize the effect of both Al–SiC NP concentration (2.93–17.07 wt%) and sonication time (47.57–132.43 min). From the analysis of variance (ANOVA) results, it was found that the Al–SiC NP concentration and sonication time played significant roles on the mechanical properties. To simultaneously maximize the flexural strength, the optimal values of Al–SiC NP concentration and sonication time were found to be 10 wt% and 120 min, respectively. From the normal distribution curve, it was found that there is a good agreement between experimental results and developed central composite design (CCD) model. Addition of Al–SiC NPs under optimum condition (10 wt%) enhanced the overall tensile, compression and flexural properties by 1.98, 1.08, and 2.22 times, respectively than those of the neat polymer. Under optimum condition, the glass transition temperature and thermal stability of Al–SiC/epoxy nanocomposites were found to be higher than those of the pristine epoxy composite. Microstructural analysis also confirmed the uniform dispersion and stronger interfacial bonds within the epoxy matrix, which improved physical and thermomechanical properties.


Al–SiC NP Coefficient of thermal expansion Epoxy nanocomposite Mechanical properties Storage flexural modulus 

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