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Social Media for Marketing and Business Promotion in Dermatology


Purpose of Review

We explore the utility of social media platforms as marketing tools in dermatology, providing a summary of how these sites are used by the public and dermatologists alike and demonstrating ways these findings may be applied for professional and business development.

Recent Findings

Recent studies reveal that 80% of patients use the Internet to acquire medical information, yet only 15% of dermatologists employ social media for professional purposes. Use of social media by patients seeking dermatologic care is overlooked among clinicians who are marketing their practices.


Unique advertising niches exist among social media platforms, which must be understood by dermatologists for maximal benefit. Facebook offers the greatest engagement with educational content, YouTube allows dermatologists to demonstrate procedural skills, while the most popular dermatology influencers utilize Instagram for promotion. Ultimately, social media represents an avenue for dermatologists to reach a global audience and garner esteem among physicians and the general public.

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Dr. Sivesind receives fellowship funding from the Pfizer Global Medical Grant (58858477) Dermatology Fellowship 2020 (P.I.: R. Dellavalle) and serves on the medical advisory board of Antedotum Inc.

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