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Flores, Edward Orozco: ‘Jesus Saved an Ex-Con’: Political Activism and Redemption After Incarceration

NYU Press, New York, 2018
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Book Review

When Applegate and colleagues published a paper in Criminology in 2000 on the relationship between religiosity and crime control attitudes of Ohio residents, perhaps they could not have anticipated the impact it would have on the fields of criminology and sociology of religion. The authors found that religious individuals—in particular Conservative Protestants—tend to support punitive crime measures but also support funding for rehabilitation and reentry programs. In fact, their views on human nature and the potential for redemption may be more progressive than the views of their less-religious and non-religious counterparts.

In 2008, Hempel and Bartkowski in Social Forces described quite cogently how Conservative Protestants often experience an inner struggle between competing moral logics. Some prioritize the logic of punishment, emphasizing personal responsibility and facing consequences for actions. Others prioritize the logic of compassion, focusing on reconciliation and...

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