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Andrew R. Lewis: The Rights Turn in Conservative Christian Politics: How Abortion Transformed the Culture Wars

Cambridge University Press, New York, 2017
  • James T. RichardsonEmail author
Book Review

This compelling and well-documented volume will be of value to anyone seeking to understand what has happened with the dramatic changes that have occurred within the culture wars in America. There has been a major shift in how conservatives have pitched their message and supported their position in major battlefronts in the culture wars. Whereas social liberals in recent decades have successfully supported their positions on abortion, gay rights and other causes using the rubric of human and civil rights, the tables have been turned in recent times. Now conservatives, instead of basing their arguments concerning major issues on moral claims, are using rights rhetoric to support their causes, and doing so with some success.

Lewis documents with considerable detail major historical milestones as this shift has occurred, presenting little known and unappreciated information on how specific institutional structures within the evangelical community have developed evolving positions on...

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