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Stephen Offut: New Centers of Global Evangelicalism in Latin America and Africa

Cambridge University Press, New York, 2015, 192 pp, $93.00 hardback, ISBN: 978110707-8321
  • Robert Brenneman
Book Review

It is by now hardly a secret that evangelical Christianity, in its many institutional forms and liturgical expressions, has taken root in the Global South. But Stephen Offutt’s well-researched book New Centers of Global Evangelicalism in Latin America and Africa invites us to take a closer look at the way evangelicals—particularly a rising class of younger, more educated evangelicals—are reshaping their local faith communities, religious networks, and religious institutions. Or to put it perhaps more succinctly—religious change shapes further religious change. The main argument is of course more sophisticated than this. Offutt introduces the term religious social forcesearly on in the book in order to push back against the idea that religious change is principally the product of social changes elsewhere. A secondary argument Offutt offers is that this new class of young, upwardly mobile evangelicals are having an impact beyond the church walls since “a social entrepreneurship can...

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