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Hardness Measurement of Al-Mg-Si Alloy: Experimentation and Theoretical Validation


In the present work, first time hardness enhanced due to the precipitation of β″- and β′-phases in the solution treated (S.T)-6082 Al alloy was calculated with the help of empirical relations, and experimentally validated via Vickers’s hardness tester. For this, S.T-6082 Al alloy underwent for the differential scanning calorimetry study at the different heating rate from 5°C/min to 20°C/min. The isochronal heat treatment was performed up to 244°C and 297°C, respectively, at the heating rate of 15°C/min followed by the rapid water quenching for evolving the β″- and β′-phases. The Kissinger plot was drawn to calculate the activation energies required (104 kJ/mol and 110 kJ/mol) for the precipitation of β″- and β′-phases, respectively. Arrhenius relationship (\(ln \Delta HV=\frac{-E}{RT}+ \mathrm{ln}\Delta {HV}_{0}\)) and Kissinger equation ((\(\mathrm{ln}\left(\frac{B}{{T}^{2}}\right)= -\frac{E}{RT}+Constant\) ) were used to calculate the rise in hardness due to the precipitation of β″- (30.7 HV) and β′-phases (18.64 HV), respectively.

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Data Availability

The raw/processed data required to reproduce these findings cannot be shared at this time as the data also form part of an ongoing study.


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The author would like to acknowledge the financial support received under the scheme of seed grant provided to Dr. Nikhil Kumar by the IIT (BHU), Varanasi, India.

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