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Development of Ti6AlFe Alloy and its Microstructural Transformation During Synthesis and Subsequent Thermo-Mechanical Treatment


A compositional modification was initially carried out in Ti-6Al-4V alloy by substitution replacement of vanadium (V) by iron (Fe) as a β-stabilizing alloying element in order to develop Ti6Al(1-3)Fe alloys. Afterwards, Ti6Al(1-3)Fe alloys underwent rolling at 800 °C followed by solution heat treatment at 900 °C. Microstructural characterization reveals that Ti6Al(1-3)Fe alloys contain a lamellar α+β microstructure wherein size of lamellar colonies and the lamellae width gradually decrease by increasing Fe content. Subsequent thermo-mechanical and solution heat treatment lead to an increase in β-phase percentage by increasing Fe content. Ti6Al(1-3)Fe alloys show a superior hardness (HV), ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and elongation (%) owing to extensively refined lamellar α+β microstructure. HV values of Ti6Al(1-3)Fe alloys increase after thermo-mechanical treatment while UTS and elongation (%) values as well as corrosion properties drop due to the larger amount of β-phase in thermo-mechanical treated Ti6Al(1-3)Fe alloys.

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