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Table 1 Thematic sessions held at the ClimTree 2013 conference

From: Climate change and tree responses in Central European forests

1 Disturbance ecology and management in a changing world
2 Responses of tree roots (including mycorrhizas) to climate change
3 Sensitivity and resilience of mixed forests to climate change
4 Phenology and climate change
5 Impacts of drought on tree growth and vulnerability
6 Drought-induced tree mortality—patterns, processes and mechanisms
7 Frontiers in dendroclimatology and dendroecology
8 Impact of climate change on demographic changes and species ranges
9 Adaptability of tree species to climate change (phenotypic plasticity, genotypic variation)
10 Adapted forest management
11 Challenges in forest biodiversity conservation under climate change
12 Tree vulnerability to pests in relation to climate change
13 Biotic responses of trees and understory vegetation to contemporary climate change